online advice
Emera VS is a promising UK startup that has been developing innovative technologies for online advice since 2021. Soon we will become an international platform that offers remote services using VR technologies.
Our goal
To create a modern system for online advice on the most important everyday issues, convenient for both clients and experts.
With our help, you will no longer have to stand in line to see a lawyer, look for trading instructors or Science tutors on your own, carry around your paper medical records and spend ages getting ready for a trip.
We have thought everything through to the smallest detail. You just need to tell us what you want and indicate your budget, and we will select an expert for you. You can contact them by chat, video or phone call, or in VR*
*VR communication with a specialist is our in-house development, thanks to which you can get advice from any expert, as they demonstrate everything in the metaverse in real-time.

Our services

Very soon, everyone from anywhere in the world will be able to get online advice on the most important issues at Emera VS.
With the help of VR, you can recreate the situation in which the injury occurred or show the specialist where exactly you are experiencing pain. The doctor will be able to examine your X-ray in detail or demonstrate how the damaged area of the body will be recovering.
Imagine that you have to answer questions in the courtroom. An Emera VS specialist will recreate the court session in VR and help you prepare in the most productive way so that you win the case.
In VR mode, our teachers will be able to explain to you the essence of the subject and literally provide the whole picture. For example, you have chosen an online session with a Science tutor to learn how different elements react with each other. In VR, 3D models of molecules and chemical reactions will appear right in front of you, and it's absolutely safe.
Foreign travel
An Emera VS expert will help you visit several hotels, explore a new island and plan a dream trip in VR. They will guide you through the corridors of any hotel or restaurant, show you the beaches and secret spots, and much more to make your choice easier.

Platform upgrades

As Emera VS evolves, we will add new online advice topics, more virtual images, and expand our expert team.